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Taking the perfect Shot

Aim small...miss small

Shot placement on an animal you are hunting is one of the most important final actions you will need to fulfill for your hunt to be a success.  An accurate shot isn't just to eliminate hours of tracking and being humane, but it also aids in eliminating wasted meat that was damaged during the final moments.  Also, the bragging rights of a perfect shot on your animal will be told at the dinner table for years to come.  Boasting about how short of a distance your prized game traveled after the trigger was pulled is one of the greatest satisfactions there is.

We realize that during transportation, the possibility of sights being knocked out-of-true is a real concern.  That's why we have a gun range on site to give you the opportunity to check your aim before you go after your trophy.  No need to find a local range or gun club, no need to worry about if you sights are still on when you pull the trigger.  We have you covered...... 

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