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Desert Painted Rams

Desert painted rams are a fantastic animal to hunt as no two are the same.  The one of a kind colorization makes them a very unique trophy for any hunter.  Even better, these spectacular animals can be hunted year round here at the Ridge.

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The Hunt

The Desert Painted Ram is a cross between a Mouflon and Texas Dall and typically weights in at 100 lbs - 150 lbs. Ram hunts are an exceptional experience for the most avid outdoorsman to the hunter looking for his first wall mount.  Almost any hunting style and weapon can be used with great effectiveness but the spot and stock method is the most exhilarating by far, even the most keen hunter can be challenged by the abilities of these animals.  Ram hunts are a great time for groups of hunters too, the comradery during and after the hunt is a whole experience in itself.

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Our ram hunts typically last 1-2 days, are fully guided and include meals and lodging during your stay.  Quartering of your animal is also included so all you need to bring is your cooler.  

3/4 Curl    - $1,500

1 Full Curl   - $2,000

1 1/4 Curl  - $2,500

1 1/2 Curl and larger - $3,000 - $4,000

*Lodging and meals are available for non hunting guests for $125 a night per person.

Desert Painted Rams: Activities
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